South Africa / UK / Europe

We trade in quality foods, lifestyle & wellness brands.



Wine (coming soon)

Cheese (coming soon)

Olive Oil (coming soon)

Dried Fruit (coming soon)

Oat Milk (coming soon)

Macadamia Nut Milk (coming soon)

Honey (coming soon)


Kind to Nature Range (coming soon)

African Botanicals (coming soon)

Flatdog Bodyguard™ Range


Flatdog Treads (coming soon)

Flatdog Threads (coming soon)


Norsouth was established to attract and stimulate trade between South Africa, the UK and Europe. Its primary focus is to identify top quality products in all three regions – in specific market categories – and to find and grow new markets for these.

Initially, Norsouth will source products in the the fine foods, wine and beverages, apparel and wellness sectors and in addition to marketing and distributing existing brands, it will also develop its own brand portfolio, the first of which is the Flatdog Bodyguard™ Range.


Ian Davidson

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Hayley Sheppard

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